About Us

North Current Buiders was founded in 1999 by Rano Perrizo. Rano has a civil engineering and project management background. After working at Stanford University in Project Management, Rano started North Current Builders, and in 2000 he built his first home from the ground up. Since that time, North Current Builders has specialized in remodels, additions, and historic renovations. Our company also works in Commercial, Industrial, and Muli-Family,


 What's in the Name?


An ocean current is a continuous, directed movement of ocean water generated by breaking waves, wind, temperature, and tides. North Current Builders works in the same fashion. A proper construction process has a directed flow. Obstacles often come in, but are expected and part of the current. We effectively travel this current and make sure your project is completed on time, with attention to detail, and exceptional customer service.